Our Mission

To ensure every teacher is prepared with sustainable practices to create a classroom environment where all students thrive and achieve.

Our Work

A classroom is the cornerstone to student success. Teachers and leaders must know the most effective systems to obtain the highest results. Each workshop is specially designed in coordination with school leaders to empower both your experienced and novice teachers with the mindset, tools, and strategies for success. We build and leverage effective classroom systems that lead to an environment where all scholars thrive and achieve. There are three key ingredients to effective classrooms: rituals and routines, powerful practice, and tiers of support. After each workshop session teachers will be ready to immediately implement workshop content into their classrooms.

Our Process

The process begins with a meeting with school leadership where, together with Mirador, the team surfaces and identifies wants, needs, and areas of concern. Tailormade professional development is created in accordance with the latest in evidence-based practices, scheduled, delivered and later debriefed. Each workshop is specifically designed to empower all teachers regardless of experience as well as support leadership in addressing the needs of their team moving forward.

As a member in good standing with Learning Forward (formerly known as National Staff Development Council), the Mirador team is familiar with and adheres to the newly revised (2022) Standards for Professional Learning as outlined and required by fs1012.98(1).